Xcel Energy Center In St Paul MN

Xcel Energy Center is the place to go for MN Wild hockey games and concerts featuring pop, country music, rock acts, and more! Other events like dinner, conferences, tours, workshops, shopping, classes, and volleyball tournaments are also hosted here. The Saint Paul MN landmark is an exceptional piece of architecture that will give you every comfort for leisure and the best experiences you treasure. Have a tour of each facility within the arena under the guidance of the staff. Check out this article by a St Paul MN Chiropractor!

Entertainment and Concerts in St Paul MN

The center features modern amenities that are meant to give the fan and stars pleasure and comfort. Xcel Energy Center theater features the best design and popular acoustics, intimate and up-close seating, four entertainment stages for performers, stylized theatrical lighting technology, extraordinary video screens for live events, and four levels of cushy seating. Guests, stars, and fans have always enjoyed the first-class atmosphere and high-profile aesthetics that reflect the beauty of nature. The Xcel Energy Center truly provides a premium experience.

Premium guests

For your occasional visits, Xcel Energy Center has done its best to offer sophisticated, entertaining, and memorable experiences for you as a guest. The center provides high-class accommodation services to guests as well as other pleasures like cocktails to add to your comfort and experience. Are you impaired in any way? Xcel Energy Center prioritizes you by providing you a seat within an acceptable distance from the performance stage and offers ASL interpretation services. The team provides wheelchair escorts to guests who require the service to and from their seats or within the Xcel Energy Center arenas.


Apart from entertainment, compliment your tour by shopping. Guests can shop from the hockey lodge stores and kiosks. They have a wide variety of merchandise specifically designed for every special event within the Xcel Energy Center. These shopping centers are strategically located across the floor to ease access for anyone, including guests who are new to the place.


Having dinner at the Xcel Energy Center is one of the best ways to keep you glued to the place and tour once more. The center nests the best restaurants with the best chefs to satisfy your needs in a luxurious setup by offering an inspiring menu and beverages. The center houses Michelob Golden Light Taphouse, The Reserve, and Jack Daniel's Old no. 7 club which are known for the best services to keep you visiting again and again. Make your reservation and have the best dinner ever.

Around Xcel Energy Center

If you love history and are looking to extend your experience outside of the Xcel Energy Center, the Saint Paul Minnesota Historical Center is the place to go. Here you will find an amazing collection of arts that will keep you engaged as you interactively walk through different generations and other essential historical aspects. All cultures, including those that diminished due to technology and those that keep on growing, are well displayed. The center offers you the best opportunity to have fun and learn in every aspect, ranging from the museum's genealogy library to twin structures that keep the history alive. Saint Paul Minnesota Historical Center is certainly unique and this makes it stand out as a great spot to visit when you are nearby.

Generally, Xcel Energy Center is a perfect place for all your occasions, dinner, games, sports, tournaments, concerts, and other events. All of the services here are excellent and aim to help you have the best experience possible.