Toxin Reducing Strategies In St Paul MN

Toxin Reducing Strategies in St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Toxin Reducing Strategies

Could the toxic chemicals in perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, or cigarette smoke be the cause of your neck pain, headaches, dizziness, or fatigue?? It sure was for ME! I've been on the path to discovering that substances in my environment were actually the cause of my neck pain, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.....and had NO CLUE as I had gotten used to these symptoms over time.

I attributed them to the physical nature of my job as a St Paul MN chiropractor and the emotional stress of dealing with my husband's declining health and eventual passing over the last few years. It wasn't until I started undergoing Nutrition Response Testing® for myself that I realized just how much chemical stress MY body was under and what health issues they were causing for ME! Contact our team today to learn more about toxic-reducing strategies.

Toxic Reducing Strategies in St Paul MN

We are encountering a world basically made of chemicals it seems. We slather ourselves in chemicals and wash our clothes in chemicals; even the food we eat can contain chemicals. Our grandparents were not exposed to these chemicals. Chiropractic patients at my St Paul MN office are concerned about the negative effects of these chemicals on their bodies, so I've compiled a list to reduce these toxic loads.

If the costs of new healthier products are ever a concern to you, replace using your old products with using the new ones at half of the frequency. This will still assist you in partially reducing your chemical exposures.

I encourage you to pick one or two of these strategies and work on them this week. If you have a different source of chemical toxins that is a concern for you, set your own health goal in regard to that. Any 10% change we make for ourselves will lead us to better health and wellness.

Aluminum is the primary ingredient involved in antiperspirants. Aluminum and other heavy metals can potentially lead to cancers and other neurological conditions. Use deodorants that don't contain aluminum or even try making your own with a few simple ingredients that include essential oils, coconut oil, cornstarch or arrowroot powder, and baking soda (see Google for recipes).

This will reduce your risk of allergy or asthma development as room freshener chemicals can contribute to those health issues. Don't use any air fresheners at all or if that freaks you out, put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a tissue or use an essential oil air diffuser.

The chemicals in dryer sheets can negatively affect our nerve and respiratory systems; they may also potentially lead to cancers as well.

The safest foods that don't contain natural flavorings are the things that grew from the ground, walked on the ground, and swam in the water.

Instead of Suave, Herbal Essentials, etc. Dr. Bronner's Castille Soaps are a great line of safe and hypoallergenic liquid soaps in which a little dab will do ya!

Renew by Maleleuca is a great healing lotion without all the extra junk.

There is not just tobacco in cigarettes! They are laced with all sorts of chemical additives that are not healthy for any part of your body. FYI from a chiropractic standpoint, smokers are more likely to herniate discs and experience spinal arthritis than nonsmokers.

Or if that isn't going to happen, do gluten-free alcohol. But remember - ALL alcohol will be treated as a sugar by your body and it will increase the yeast within the body which is a whole other blog post. Alcohol will mess with your metabolism and if your liver is already trying to detoxify other chemicals, this just adds to its job duties.

Try out sparkling water or stevia fruit flavor powder added to water or squeeze some lemon in water (lemon water also helps cleanse the liver).

That way you know what you put into your body hasn't been sprayed with pesticides that can mess with your hormones and may contribute to cancers, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, prostate cancer, etc.

Tips For Eliminating Pain

Cigarette smoke will give me headaches and neck pain; perfumes, lotions, and some hairsprays will cause a dizzy feeling and even fatigue that may last 1-3 hours. As you can imagine, adjusting people who smoke or wear perfumes and lotions will really cause wild health swings throughout my workday and life.

This is why Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition (BTWC) is now a "Fragrance-Free Zone." I ask that you please not wear perfumes, fragrant lotions, or strong hairsprays on the day of your chiropractic appointments. I also ask those who smoke to ideally quit smoking (as I like you and want all of you to live the longest life possible!) or please refrain from smoking prior to your chiropractic appointments.

Not only do these chemical toxins affect my health but they can certainly be affecting your health as well! Consider taking a break from your perfumes and lotions; maybe reduce your smoking or quit smoking (another factoid - smoking sucks the Vitamin C out of your body and increases the chances of a herniated discs and/or arthritis in the future....smoking is really just not good for you). You might notice your body feeling and functioning better without these toxic chemical stressors surrounding it just like I did!

Ideas For Chemical Removal

If it feels overwhelming, start small. When you run out of something, purchase a better and healthier alternative the next time! Thankfully, my health is improving by avoiding these chemical triggers and using my own personalized nutritional program to put it on the right track! Need some ideas for removing chemicals from your environment?? Use these alternatives instead!

  • Malaleuca cleaning and laundry products; Doterra essential oils also have good options as well (Doterra products are available at Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition)
  • Essential oils instead of room fresheners or candles (also available at BTWC)
    Baking soda and vinegar as cleaning products
  • Castille soap (found at Mississippi Market) for hand, body and hair wash
  • Non-aluminum and chemical-free deoderants (see Mississippi Market or Doterra essential oil company); consider making your own deoderant with coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, and essential oils

Don't hesitate to call our St Paul MN team with any more questions. Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition is always happy to help!


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