Keeping Your Body Safe & Healthy In St Paul MN

Keeping Your Body Safe & Healthy In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Keeping Your Body Safe & Healthy

I've noticed many people are closing their phone calls or text messages with "Stay Healthy!" or "Stay Safe!" What do these phrases exactly mean anyway?? How do you know if your body is "safe" or "healthy"?? Our St Paul MN chiropractor can help.

We sure can't rely on how we feel. We know certain diseases or conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. ("diseases of lifestyle") do not always give us pain or symptoms. We have to get checked for these things like we check the oil in a car or go to the dentist for a check-up.

Withstanding Immune Challenges In St Paul MN

What we do know is is that if we take the CORRECT SPECIFIC actions for our INDIVIDUAL BODIES to move us in the best direction towards health we will have the best chances for withstanding ANY immune challenges. These specific actions include eating whole unprocessed foods that came from a momma and a papa (and weren't made in a lab), moving our bodies, and taking care of our spinal structures. We can deepen our emotional and spiritual health and even grow closer as friends and family members during these "stay at home" times.

We can emerge from these circumstances in even BETTER health and as STRONGER vibrant people!

I want to GROW my health during this time; I don't want to "STAY" in my current health. I always want to TAKE ACTION that moves me towards better health and wellness.

This global pandemic should INSPIRE you to create the healthiest body and immune system possible! A healthy body is far less susceptible to bugs and pathogens!

If you are interested in GROWING your health during these times I am here to support you in that. As a chiropractor, I am here for your acute issue needs such as back or neck pain from working at home or sprain/strain or headaches from a recent car accident giving you troubles. I am also here for you when you are ready to take your health to the next level with Nutrition Response Testing®.

In addition, one of the newest ways I can help support your health is my New Telehealth Nutrition Coaching special via a Zoom, Skype, or phone call!

These 15-minute weekly coaching sessions would include a health consultation, review of your weekly food journals, personalized nutrition or lifestyle recommendations, and personalized high-quality supplement recommendations. The supplements or detox products can be shipped directly to your home; they are not included in the coaching cost.

The special for these personalized coaching services is $100 for 4 sessions until 4/24/20 (normally $140, so $40 savings!)!

This is the perfect time to MAKE YOUR HEALTH A PRIORITY as you are in complete control of your food and circumstances within your own house!

Schedule a time online or call/text (952) 693-1565 for the Nutrition Coaching and if you know folks (in or even outside of MN!) please pass my information along! I look forward to helping your friends and family members who are looking to GROW their health as well!


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