Product Lines In St Paul MN

Product Line In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Product Line

Check out this product line! See the bottom of this page for ordering instructions. Feel free to contact us at our St Paul MN chiropractic clinic for more information about this product line.

Essential Oils, Products & Raindrop Technique In St Paul MN

As your distributor, I am available to help you with your choices, training, and use of the products. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Essential Oils User Guide
  • Essential 7 Oils Guide
  • Thieves Line: Oils and Cleanser Products
  • Raindrop Massage Technique: 1 hour = $100 Schedule TODAY!

Online Ordering Instructions

Please take a moment to register for an online account. Click the button below to get started, select your home country, and then click one of the customer profiles below:

  1. You will be given two options on how to order - Select the option that works best for you. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me to discuss it.
    • Wholesale Account
      • Order items at cost with the purchase of a starter kit
      • Starter kits begin at $40.00. You will receive products higher in value than the cost of the kit.
      • Optimal choice to get the best price on your Young Living Products
      • Only one order of 50.00 PV or more per year is required to remain active
      • Monthly essential rewards program is an available option that you can earn free products, but not required
    • Customer
      • Order at retail price
      • Great option for the occasional shopper
  2. You will be prompted to enter "Sponsorship Distributor Member Number"- Enter 1257554 to be aligned w/ me as your Young Living Distributor.
  3. Continue to follow the prompts - entering contact information and selecting the products you want. Finish by selecting shipping & payment methods and you are set! You will be given login information to your account for future orders.

To sign up over the phone, please call (800) 371-2928 or contact me & I will assist you with the registration process.

Don't hesitate to call our St Paul MN team with any more questions. Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition is always happy to help!


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