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Neck Traction Pain In St Paul MN

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If you've been a patient of Dr. Kayla's for a while, she has probably stressed the importance of doing your daily neck traction at her St Paul MN chiropractic clinic. Cervical traction is an awesome daily "spinal hygiene" exercise that stretches the neck muscles and ligaments, protects your cervical discs, treats cervical herniated disc pain, takes the pressure off the cervical neck nerves, decreases neck pain and headaches, and restores the neck curve. Rehabilitating the curve in the neck is very important as all the nerves to the rest of the body go through the neck area first!

Neck Traction In St Paul MN

Why do people have a reduced neck curve nowadays?? We spend unprecedented and historical amounts of time sitting, working on computers, playing video games, and looking at our phones EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our head weighs as much as a bowling ball so when our head leans forward that stresses and strains the neck and ultimately lead to the loss of the neck curve. So reducing these activities, getting regular chiropractic adjustments, and doing daily neck traction are strongly advised under Dr. Kayla's expert care at Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition in St. Paul MN!

Dr. Kayla demonstrates how to do easy and simple bed traction* in the following video:

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Pettibon traction is another form of cervical traction that Dr. Kayla loves as it's quick and easy to do; it also feels really good to stretch the neck upwards as we are constantly under the impact of gravity. Dr. Kayla demonstrates how to do this form of traction* in the following video:

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So if you know any St Paul MN community members who suffer from a cervical herniated disc, limited range of motion in the neck, headaches, tight neck muscles, neck pain, etc., share chiropractic with him or her!

***Disclaimer: Any spinal exercise like these forms of traction should be performed under the direction of your wellness chiropractor who knows the specifics of your health care!***


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