Natural Cold And Flu Tips In St Paul MN

Natural Cold And Flu Tips In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Natural Cold And Flu Tips

Many people were popping in for an "immune booster" adjustment last week. In "Dr. Kayla Speak," this means people have been dripping-sneezing-coughing-draining-and-aching. What should you do if this situation happens to you?? Contact our St Paul MN chiropractic clinic for more information about natural remedies for cold and flu.

Natural Cold and Flu Tips in St Paul MN

  1. Keep thy spine adjusted: The nerve system controls the immune system. I've been seeing many C1 and/or C2 subluxations stressing out immune systems, so I was adjusting them like crazy last week. What I have noticed most in my years of practice is that people who are CONSISTENTLY adjusted experience less sickness than those who are adjusted sporadically or not at all.
  2. Consider peppermint oil application: Especially by the sides of the nose and under the cheekbones at sinus acupressure points. This will help open up the sinuses and stimulate drainage. For more about acupuncture itself, consider visiting Christina at Apricity Acupuncture.
  3. Perform lymphatic massage to your neck: Lightly stroke your fingers down the sides of the neck to promote movement of the lymph fluids that may hold the "garbage" your body's immune response created and is trying to get rid of.
  4. Supplement Vitamin D for "Defense!": It boosts your immune system, especially in the prevention of the flu. I carry the important version, Vitamin D3 (aka cholecalciferol), at the office so feel free to chat with me about it at your next visit.
  5. Turn down your sugar consumption-this includes grains: Sugar and grains create an acidic environment that is the perfect storm for a weak immune system against bacteria and viruses.
  6. Reduce your stress and acknowledge any stressors: I probably don't need to mention this one because you already know it. What I find when people are running on fumes for weeks on end (including the guy that just left after working for 15 days straight) is that when your body finally can rest, it may crash and burn. You might have experienced this when you "got sick" on your vacation. Your body could finally focus on itself.

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