Lacrosse Ball Exercises In St Paul MN

Lacrosse Ball Exercises In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Exercise Ball

Try out Dr. Kayla's lacrosse ball techniques and if you find benefits from this video, share it with your friends and family! Contact our St Paul MN chiropractic clinic today to schedule an appointment.

Stop Neck Pain, Headaches, And Poor Posture In St Paul MN

Dr. Kayla (Zirpel-Proctor) Orr from Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition has found that in addition to regular chiropractic adjustments, many St Paul MN community members need to do active in-home care exercises.

Do you...

  • Sit at a computer a lot?
  • Use a cell phone a lot?
  • Get headaches often?
  • Experience neck pain or shoulder pain?

Her practice members love getting their hands on lacrosse balls and working out muscle knots and restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue between the skin/fat layer and muscles and also located throughout the body). These knots and restrictions can be a big cause of neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. They also can cause poor posture and upper body tightness and stiffness.

If you have any other questions at all, please contact our St Paul MN team at Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition today.

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