Laboratory Testing In St Paul MN

Laboratory Testing In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Laboratory Testing Offered

Food/chemical sensitivities/intolerances may be subtle or delayed for a person; they may also contribute to a person's chronic conditions. It is important to consume a varied diet of food rotations every 3-5 days to reduce sensitivity/intolerance risk as we can develop them with daily exposure to the same substances over and over again. Contact our St Paul MN chiropractor today to find out how food intolerances have been contributing to your discomfort.

Food/Chemical Sensitivity/Intolerance Testing Offered In St Paul MN

  • Cyrex
    • Patient pays BTWC for testing
    • They offer mobile lab draw for about $50 per draw. Call (877) 772-9739, Option 2 to schedule
    • Food sensitivity testing is on raw AND cooked foods as there are different protein formations during the cooking process. This lab's testing on raw and cooked foods is very unique compared to most laboratory testing currently available.
    • Array 10 - Multiple Food Reactivity Screen: ~ $500-$700
      (Talk to Dr. Kayla about what they specifically test for in Multiple Food Reactivity Screen testing)
  • Array 3 - Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity & Autoimmunity ~ $400-$600
  • Array 4 - Gluten-Associated Cross-Reactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity: ~ $200-$400
  • Array 11 - Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen: ~ $400-$600
  • Other Autoimmune panels for arthritic conditions, diabetes, and neurological conditions; ~ $300-$500
    • Patient pays BTWC for testing
    • They offer an optional nutritional counseling program (~ $300)
    • They offer a mobile lab draw for $50 per draw. Call (800) 872-5228, ext. 808 to schedule
    • ALCAT TEST: (~ $200-400 for full-price food panels, ~ $100-$200 for additional)
      • Food intolerance/sensitivity testing only for raw foods and tests for white blood cell immune response
      • Also evaluates food additives, colorings, herbs, environmental chemicals, molds, antibiotics/anti-inflammatories
  • MethyDetox Profile (MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, COMT, AHCY, Homocysteine: ~ $300
  • Vitamin D 25 OH: ~ $70
  • Gut Health Profile (for celiac disease/non-gluten specific gluten sensitivity): ~ $400-$600
  • Doctors Data
    • Hair Toxic Element Exposure Profile: tests 31 metals and elements
      • "Toxic elements may be 200 to 300 times more highly concentrated in hair than in blood or urine. Therefore, hair is the tissue of choice for detection of recent exposure to elements such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead, antimony, and mercury."
        "Nutrient elements including magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper, and selenium are obligatory co-factors for hundreds of important enzymes and also are essential for the normal functions of vitamins. The levels of these elements in hair are correlated with levels in organs and other tissues."
  • Pharmesan Labs
    • MELISA (Memory lymphocyte Immuno-Stimulation Assay)
      • Measures Type IV delayed hypersensitivity for additional foreign metals (~ $200-$500 depending on which metals tested)

Other Testing Offered By BTWC:

  • Igenix
    • Testing for Lyme disease and other coinfections of Lyme disease
  • 6050 - Complete Lyme Panel**
    • Includes Test 230 Lyme IFA**
    • 188 IgM Western Blot
    • 189 IgG Western Blot
    • 453 Lyme PCR, serum
    • 456 Lyme PCR, whole blood
  • 5085 New Western Regional Complete Co-Infection Panel**
    • Babesia duncani IgG & IgM, Babesia FISH, HME IgG & IgM, HGA IgG & IgM, Bartonella IgG & IgM
  • 5095 New Complete Co-Infection Panel**
    • Babesia microti IgG & IgM, Babesia FISH, HME IgG & IgM, HGA IgG & IgM, Bartonella IgG & IgM, Bartonella FISH
  • Genetic Enzyme Profile Testing: ($200)
    • Patient visits the website, pays for the kit, and ships it to their house
    • Patient follows directions to collect a saliva sample and follows shipping directions for the test and ships it back to the company
    • When a patient receives the results, the raw data is uploaded to
    • Patient gives a copy of the results to Dr. Kayla

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