Backpack Season In St Paul MN

Backpack Season In St Paul MN

Chiropractic St Paul MN Backpack Season

If you've been to my St Paul MN chiropractic office, chances are you might have seen a baby or child getting adjusted. Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition parents love bringing babies and kids to chiropractors because KIDS HAVE SPINES THAT GET MISALIGNED TOO! Can you imagine squeezing YOUR head and body through a narrow space and NOT messing up your neck and back?!? Neither can I!

Those early misalignments in young necks can be a cause of sleep issues, ear infections, colic, immune system issues, etc. They can also sit silently until later childhood and lead to ADD/ADHD, digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, etc. For more information, give your trusted chiropractor in St Paul MN a call today!

Backpack Season In St Paul MN

A child also falls around 1500 times just learning to walk! I work with adults who take 1 spill and they are miserable with subluxations! Imagine how a kid feels! Don't forget that a lot of parents put their kids in high-impact sports that can not only subluxate (misalign) a spine early in life but can cause degeneration and arthritis later on in life if not adjusted early!

I have seen people with extremely degenerative and arthritic necks from old sports injuries JUST STARTING chiropractic care when they should have been seeing a chiropractor WAY BACK in high school! Smart parents want their kids to perform their best in sports via regular chiropractic care, but they ALSO want them to have the best spinal structure AND nerve system later in life as well!

"Backpack Back" season (aka "School") is also upon us. It seems young spines carry heavier and heavier backpacks with each passing year! No more than 15% of a child's weight should be in his or her backpack! (Check this out for more backpack safety tips!)

Dr. Kayla offers FREE BACKPACK CHECKS for St Paul MN children so that their spines stay healthy and well! She also has special children's chiropractic care adjustment rates that will keep the spines on track toward better health! Schedule a chiropractic checkup for your child(ren)!

If you know parents that have kids, share these crucial pieces of information with them! You will be saving lives YEARS from now! 🙂

Don't hesitate to call our St Paul MN team with any more questions. Back To Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition is always happy to help!


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