Dr. Kayla's Nutrition Response Testing ® Story

My health has been interesting the last several years. At age 30 I developed seizures--loss of consciousness events where I have no idea where or what I might wake up to. My anxiety that I had already experienced for years only magnified as now I had to worry about not having a seizure when walking down stairs, being outside in below freezing temperatures, crossing a busy street, swimming, etc.

The seizures changed my life. I went from being able to drive 30 minutes each way to having to spend 1.5 hours busing and getting picked up to and from my previous workplace in Lakeville MN. I also had to depend on friends and family for rides if I couldn't take Uber/Lyft or public transit (much appreciation to all friends and family who helped/helps out!).

In the middle of learning to navigating my new life not only did my mother pass away but my husband did as well after undergoing colon cancer treatment. The amount of emotional stress in my life during these years further exacerbated my health issues even further. 

It really bothered me that even though I got adjusted regularly and ate pretty healthy (80/20 rule--I gave myself occasional allowances to eat the not so good stuff), and did Crossfit....I developed seizures. There was nothing more ironic than me, a chiropractor (who works with nerve systems daily) developing a neurological disorder. 

I tried NUMEROUS chiropractic techniques, modalities, and supplement programs; I also did acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, and other bodywork techniques. And I was still averaging a seizure about once every 2-4 weeks. 

Finally I went to a Nutrition Response Testing ® Advanced Clinically Trained Practitioner for myself. I was already pretty intrigued by this technique and how it zoned in on the specific stressors of each patient and determined the right supplements to help their bodies heal from those stressors. 

This is where I actually developed some HOPE for my health. I will admit I was pretty frustrated with my body when I started my program but when I implemented the specific nutritional and lifestyle changes for myself (which included even cutting out some foods that are actually healthy but my "delicate flower" body would freak out if I ate them) and the whole food supplements ....my body started to heal. 

I basically had to go grain-free and avoid even possibilities of wheat contamination. Wheat was actually causing my chronic anxiety and I can now tell if I've had an exposure because my "usual" state of anxiety will flare up. I also couldn't tolerate even one glass of St. Paul city water a week because I would get significant fatigue, neck aches, and headaches due to my reactions to the trace chemicals or whatever else is in tap water. Even small amounts of cigarette smoke, fragrances and bus exhaust would also severely effect me.

Things are better nowadays, definitely not perfect but I'm no longer living in the near constant state of anxiety, dizziness, bodily twitching and tingling sensations, extreme sleep disturbances, digestive issues, severe headaches, and food and environmental reactivity like I was. Seizure frequencies appear to be reducing but it's too early to tell. That was something that took years to develop and will take a long time (maybe years) to heal. 

My health is a journey; it's not finished and will continue for the rest of my life. 

My experience with Nutrition Response Testing ® has caused me to become a Nutrition Response Testing ® practitioner myself and help others who may be in a similar boat as I was. I enjoy getting to the root cause of my St. Paul practice members' health issues and helping them get to higher levels of bodily function, health and well-being. 

Health is a state of physical, nutritional/chemical, and emotional well-being. I found that once we incorporated Nutrition Response Testing ® into my patients' care at Back to Wellness Chiropractic that their spines and health conditions stabilized and improved at a much quicker pace. We were now addressing ALL root causes of their lessened health states that were holding them back. 

So if you are looking to get your health to the best optimal level possible and/or looking to resolve chronic and/or even mysterious and baffling health issues consult with me to see if you are a Nutrition Response Testing ® case!

 Yours in Health,

Dr. Kayla Zirpel-Proctor


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  • "Kayla brings a fearlessness and love of learning to her industry that is refreshing. She is an excellent problem solver and is willing to explore new ideas to give relief to her clients."
    Peter B.
  • "Dr. Kayla has worked closely with me to help improve the health of my neck and back so that I have gone from no golf or basketball back to playing without pain at least once a week. Thanks for your great work."
    Tom K.
  • "Dr. Kayla is a very good representative of what a Dr. should be. She is very passionate about what she does and it comes through in her work and in her results. I like that a huge part of her practice is education. She continually takes time to explain and educate each of her patients. I will continue to refer to Dr Kayla as I trust in her skills and her knowledge."
    Christine K.