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Dr.Kayla Zirpel-Proctor was in a "minor" car accident when she was a junior in high school. As she soon discovered, there are no "minor" accidents and soon she was suffering from headaches as a result of her injuries. She visited her hometown chiropractor and after several visits her headache pain was relieved. It became obvious to her that chiropractic was beneficial in healing after an injury.

At the same time her mother could only walk a few blocks before low back pain set in. Within a few years she became unable to walk those two blocks at all, let alone stand, without her severely degenerated back robbing her of her quality of life. At that moment Kayla understood the importance of lifetime spinal maintenance. Chiropractic was not just for injury management-it was for maintenance of the spine, much like brushing and flossing for oral health. It can prevent many chronic and recurring conditions people suffer from daily, all without drugs and surgery. This revelation influenced her choice of career.

Zirpel-Proctor graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2007. She practiced for years in Lakeville, MN before starting her second chiropractic location in St. Paul, MN. She officially merged office locations to the St. Paul area in 2014 and has been helping West 7th community members and their families reach optimal health levels ever since. Dr. Zirpel-Proctor strives to create an energizing, healing environment and incorporates detailed postural and radiologic analysis into the practice. Since that time, the practice has catered to all individuals seeking optimal health and wellness although families and children are a main focus.

Dr. Zirpel-Proctor recently became a Nutrition Response Testing ® Practitioner. CLICK HERE TO SEE HER NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING ® SUCCESS STORY!

Dr. Kayla Zirpel-Proctor has become one of the leading health and wellness advocates and educators in St. Paul, MN. Her belief that the strength of a community depends on the health of its residents spurs her contribution of countless hours to the education and promotion of health and wellness.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Kayla brings a fearlessness and love of learning to her industry that is refreshing. She is an excellent problem solver and is willing to explore new ideas to give relief to her clients."
    Peter B.
  • "Dr. Kayla has worked closely with me to help improve the health of my neck and back so that I have gone from no golf or basketball back to playing without pain at least once a week. Thanks for your great work."
    Tom K.
  • "Dr. Kayla is a very good representative of what a Dr. should be. She is very passionate about what she does and it comes through in her work and in her results. I like that a huge part of her practice is education. She continually takes time to explain and educate each of her patients. I will continue to refer to Dr Kayla as I trust in her skills and her knowledge."
    Christine K.